Company Party / Picnics

The Perfect Party for your Company!

Ther Perfect Party Solution where everyone has fun!!! One of the biggest appeals of a bowling party is that everyone can participate. A person's physical ability does not matter. A true novice can have the same fun as someone who bowls regularly in a bowling league.


  1. Price- Just compare this to the cost of a golf tournament
  2. Everyone can play
  3. Weather is a non-factor
  4. Great, on-site food and beverage service
  5. Today's bowling centers offer a variety of activities
  6. A team building environment
  7. This party conforms to your schedule
  8. From its year-round availability to the state-of-the-art indoor luxury, bowling offers the ideal solution.

Lets get the ball rolling!

We've got the experience, the facility and the games necessary for a totally new approach to planning your corporate party. The atmosphere is bright and clean. The game is a blast. And we'll put the whole thing together for you.