Dutch Lanes Lock-in

Bowling Program Contract

Midnight to 6:00 am

Cost: $15.00 per attendee

Minimum 60 Payees per event

For every 60 guests 222 Dutch Lanes supplies 15 give-aways
Also every guest receives a bounce back packet

Non-returnable deposit of $150.00 plus signed contact
required at the time of reservation.

*Maximum for the building 300 people*

Suggest the Organization sell tickets for at least $20.00 per ticket.
$15.00  will be paid to 222 Dutch Lanes and $5.00
to go to the organization holding the event.

222 Dutch Lanes will be paid for every ticket presented the night of the event.
Tickets/money, in excess of the minimum required [60],
that are not presented the night of the event will be
the property of the fund raising organization.

Program approval required by 222 Dutch Lanes management.

Each organization is required to have One adult 
for each 8 students under the age of 18.

The fundraising organization is responsible
for the control of their guests.

Program may include our music
and lights systems.

Programs will start/end promptly
at designated times.

Guest are required to leave the building
in a good/clean condition.