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Junior Gold Qualifier

February 11
April 15

Time: 1:00pm
Price: $35.00 per bowler

4 Game Format

1. Open to all sanctioned bowlers (age 19 and under). Entries close 1/2 hour before start time.
2. USBC guidelines for qualifiers:
  A) Must have gold card
  B) May purchase on site $30.00 for u20 and u15, $10.00 for the u12 division membership
3. Format:
  A) Each division will consist of 4 games
  B) Compete only against bowlers in your division
  C) If a division does not receive enough entries to cover 1 full spot, bowlers may be asked to combine with another division: example if we have 2 boys and 2 girls for the   u12 division, we may ask that these two divisions combine as one qualifier (per USBC rules must have a minimum ratio of 1:4)
  D) Advancement ratio is as follows: 1:8 for under 20 divisions, 1:6 for under 15 divisions, 1:4 for under 12 divisions
4. Entry Fee:
  A) $8.00 lineage, $25.00 on site qualifier, $2.00 expense for a total of $35.00
5. All USBC rules will be enforced. Tournament manager has the final say on any rules not covered. No Scholarship or Awards will be awarded out, only qualifier spots for  Junior Gold.
6. No refunds will be issued. May pay by check if paying in advance. Only cash the day of the tournament. (Returned checks will be charged $35.00)
7. Ties in any division would be decided by a 10th frame roll off
8. Tournament will be on a Modified House Shot